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Bactrocera oleae go away

For those that produce olive oil seeing their olives eaten by the fly is heart breaking. The Sabines has only had a couple days of winter this year and I wonder if it was enough to kill off the bugs. Here is an article that writes about the “best olive oils in a bad harvest” […]

How to purchase EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most sophisticated of juices and unless you are in the heart of the creation of this juice it is easy to not know what you have. Here is a great article I found that helps with knowing what Extra Virgin Olive Oil really is. Read it on healthimpactnews.

When it is cold in Italy

As we monitor the weather day in and day out hoping that winter  will do what it has to do to keep the cycle churning, here  is an article that talks about the legends behind the cold days in Italy. read the article on the ItalyMagazine      

Taste of time

The Sabine area in the Lazio region does not an boast an easy climate. No rolling hills and soft earth like in other regions.  Trees endure harsh weather and struggle to survive. You can see their struggle and taste it in the richness and complexity of the oil.  More about this tree…..

Italian dishes you won’t find in Italy

Wherever you travel in the Western world, the chances are you’ll never be too far from a restaurant offering Italian food. But is it really Italian? Here, The Local speaks to an Italian food blogger and culinary tour guide – and dispels a few persistent food myths. Read the article … ( The Local )