Only through a deep and knowledgeable awareness of our senses can we fully appreciate this quintessential product of the Mediterranean area.
The encounter of sight, smell, and taste work together to capture the essence of this emblem of the mediterranean diet. Like wine, olive oil relies on a multitude of factors such as the variety of olives used, the characteristics of the terrain, the methods of extraction, the care of the cultivator.
Not surprisingly the terminology for wine and for oil are similar.

As producers providing Sabina olive oil, we find pleasure in the opportunity of offering an original produce that contains characteristics and qualities that make it immediately recognizable and appreciated as the highest quality Sabine olive oil ‘Oro di Mompeo’.
Olive oil is a product thats final experience is original due to all the factors that contribute to its making.
Therefore there are no olive oils that are identical in taste; only similarities by area, olive variety etc.

The precious juice of olives is a living product and it’s nature must be conserved to ensure that it does not deteriorate.
To correctly preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the olive oil it is stored in our dark cool cantina as we recommend you do as well when bottled. We favor natural decanting and bottle little quantities at a time into dark bottles. The darkness of the bottle and the cool temperature it is kept at ensure that oxidation and decomposition do not negatively alter the nature of the oil. The glass avoids contaminating the taste of the oil.

Three terms essential in olive oil tasting are Piquant, Fruity and Bitter.
Piquant is typical of freshly pressed oil. The first and most trustworthy indicator of quality and healthiness.
Fruitiness can be light, medium or intense. It is a the medley of olfactory sensations that depend on the variety of the olives and their characteristic (healthy, fresh, green or mature). The oil should be consumed within a year and a half of its harvest to appreciate its’ utmost potentiality and authenticity.
Bitter is a quality that can be perceived upon tasting. It can be prevalente or  well balanced.  The more bitter the olive oil is the richer it is in polyphenols and therefore the  healthier it is.

The appreciation of Olive Oil is an ability that many are now coming back to cultivate.
The slow cumulative learning process for this historical fruit of the earth is an art in and of itself and can only be truly understood through years of olive oil tasting.
Words alone can not describe the experience of tasting.

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