The product of our centuries old olive trees contains the aroma of history. The trees have withstood bitter winters, draughts, harsh winds, burning summers and have lived through centuries of sunny pleasant weather. Their roots are grounded into a soil that is a mixture of limestone and clay which allows for optimal drainage and at the same time correct water absorption. The ground abounds in stones crucial for a proper equilibrium between dryness and water retention. Strolling through the grove, marine fossils are easily spotted; a sign that our estate situated at 560 meters above sea level, once was ocean. An inspiring sense of time is felt when discovering these fossils and one cant but be in awe of the fact that this olive oil is a golden drop of ‘time’.

A crucial quality in evaluating an olive oil is its aroma, its fragrance.
This is done by pouring a small amount of olive oil in a glass and stirring it gently which allows the aroma to be released. The nose is brought close to the glass and with a deep conscious inhalation it is possible to capture and discern various fragrances.

Sabine oil and in particular our south facing trees produce a well balanced oil with an intense and immediate aroma with fruity closing.