olive_oil_wine_glassThe first property sommeliers examine to gather information is the color. The color of olive oil can range from a deep grassy green to a golden bright yellow. The color in and of itself does not determine the quality of the oil but it does determine it’s ‘style’, and definitely can tell part of it’s story. The green color comes from the level of chlorophyll (from the greek chloros (“green”) and phyllon (“leaf”), a molecule that allows plants to absorb energy from light; photosynthesis. Olives harvested earlier in the season which contain more chlorophyll tend to make a greener oil while those harvested later tend to produce a more golden colored oil.

Another factor though is the variety of olive pressed, the cultivar. There are hundreds of varieties of olive trees and every terroir has varieties that suit it better. The best olive oils come from the blend of two or more varieties.

Our olive oil comes from the blend of the Carboncella, Leccino, Raja and Frantoio variety and we harvest just before the olives reach their full maturity. This makes hand collection more difficult and yields a smaller quantity but guarantees the best organoleptic properties.
Our oil is green with a golden glow; a distinct color of this region’s oil.